Frequently Asked Questions

How many latex balloons can be filled from a cylinder? +

Provided the fitting instructions are followed and balloons are inflated 28cm from the top to the neck of the balloon, our easy reference system
can be followed:

0.6m3 = 50 Balloons
1.2m3 = 100 Balloons
3.5m3 = 300 Balloons
9.1m3 = 800 Balloons

Note: overfilling balloons will alter these numbers.

How long will latex balloons stay in the air? +
This depends on the volume of the balloon and the air temperature. As a guide the average is: 8 to 12 hours at normal room temperature (20-25˚C).
Is it important which brand of balloons are used? +
The recommended number of balloons obtained from any gas cylinder is based on using good quality balloons 28cm in diameter. If the balloons are larger than this you will reduce the number of balloons obtained from each cylinder. We only recommend biodegradable environmentally friendly balloons. Ask your sales representative for assistance if you are still unsure.
Is balloon gas safe? +
Balloon Gas is Helium. Helium is non-toxic and non-flammable therefore quite harmless. However, Balloon Gas should not be inhaled. The party trick of inhaling a balloon full of Balloon Gas to change voices is dangerous and must be discouraged at all times. See first aid instructions.
What are foil balloons? +
Foil balloons are a special laminate which allow the Balloon Gas to be contained far longer than latex. A standard 45cm foil balloon will stay inflated for about a week and larger balloons for about 2 weeks. Most foil balloons feature a self-sealing valve which means the balloon can be re-inflated 2 or 3 times before the valve becomes unreliable. There is an extensive range of foil balloons with written messages.
What is Helium used for? +
Inflating balloons, commonly known as Balloon Gas.
How pure is our Helium? +
97%. There are other applications which require higher purity.
Is the party trick of inhaling Helium (Donald Duck effect) safe? +
No. It is dangerous and must be discouraged at all times.
Will foil balloons stay in the air longer? +
Yes, a standard 45cm foil balloon will inflate for about a week.